IGF Link Controller 2050

IGF Link 2050 controllers can operate up to 8 lifts in a group with a maximum of 254 stops and a maximum speed of 8 m/s. IGF Link 2050 controllers are in full compliance with EN81.20 and EN81.50.

The core of this product is Thor processor unit. For speeds up to 4 m/s we use Wachendorff absolute encoders and from 4 to 8 m/s we use Kubler absolute encoder.  

In our designs we use Zeihl-Abegg ZAdyn4C inverters and ZAsbc braking modules. Ziehl-Abegg inverters communicate with Thor controller via CANopen bus and motor contactors are not required.  

For top of car, pit and ERO (Emergency Rescue Device) controls we use Giovenzana products and we can provide these with or without pre-wiring.

We also use WAGO DIN rail terminals which provide fast and reliable termination.

The controllers can be delivered either in metal cabinet or on a panel, re-using the existing cabinets to save on installation hours.