Hydroelite iHydroElites an integrated control and drive system for hydraulic lifts. It comes in two options

VENI – Soft Starter option
VIDI – VF option

This unique modernisation package comes complete with all shaft wiring, flexes, shaft switches and position encoder. A node communication box at each landing and on top of the lift car ensures easy local wiring, thus reducing the installation and down time of the lift modernisation.

The shaft position encoder is accurate to 0.02 of a millimetre and is responsible for controlling all slowing, stoping and floor levels of the lift.

The heart of system is a unique patented valve, that through servo technology, obtains completely different characteristics than conventional systems. The lift arrives to the floors with direct approach that dramatically reduces the energy consumption and also increases the traffic capacity.

The combination of shaft encoder, servo valve and controller, ensures that the ride experienced is always smooth and accurate.


HydroElite Flash Software

Manual for HydroElite Flash Software

HydroElite SAFETY