Full compliance with EN81-72

The fire alarm is activated in the building, How do you evacuate the people?

There is a fire somewhere in the building, smoke is spreading together with panic. The Fire brigade is called and on their way but it will take some time. All the lifts will automatically return to the main entrance floor or similar, and they will be out of normal service until the fire brigade takes over, or the fire alarm is cancelled. But there will still be some people stuck within the building on different floors. Elderly and handicapped people are not able to walk down the stairs on a medium or high-rise building. During a fire every second is important, action without delay can save lives and avoid a catastrophe. How can you tell if the building is fully evacuated or not? Are there still people left on the floors or in the lift lobbies? SafeLine EVAC is our latest innovation to increase the security in buildings in the case of fire. Big improvements in building and lift safety during a fire or other emergency situation.


Short installation time, with little or no intrusion of the building, during installation or afterwards.

SafeLine EVAC meets the strict demands of the European lift standard for fire: EN81-72, and the British building standard for evacuation: BS 9999:2008. It will be suitable for lifts in buildings up to 99 floors. The system will override the normal fire alarm and the operator can communicate directly with the lift car and any floor as required. The entrance floor user panel is easily understood with a large text screen showing status of the unit and floors requiring evacuation.


The system also has a quick installation for increased safety.

The system is easily installed and self-supporting, without any major construction work to the building. The wiring is run through existing trunking in the lift shaft. SafeLine EVAC has built-in diagnostics and is able to send detailed information of the system status to a SafeLine Call Centre (SLCC).