Simple but Fully Featured Device for Lift Emergency Calls

MX3 is simple communication device for two-way emergency communication that complies with the current EU standards EN 81-28, 70 as well as with AS1735.

SafeLine MX3 is the smallest lift emergency telephone to date; despite its extremely small size it still include intelligent functions such as complete self-test and external voice station. Furthermore it can automatically relay technical alarms to the alarm receiver. The MX3 sets a new standard for ultra-compact and cost effective emergency telephone systems.

With a thickness of only 12.5 mm SafeLine MX3 is probably the world’s smallest EN81-28 and EN81-70 compatible lift emergency telephone. SafeLine MX3 has built-in background lit pictograms as well as giving the possibility to control external pictograms. It is also possible to connect an extra voice station from the LT-Stat series. External connections include pictograms, alarm button (N/O) and a hearing loop.

The MX3 uses a 10-30v supply separate from the telephone line. This makes the quality of the MX3 unaffected by reductions in line quality.  Test alarms can be sent to a separate telephone number on a configurable interval. Change from telephone line to GSM in minutes by using GL1, GL2 or GL6. No reconfiguration needed.

Up to nine SafeLine MX3 can share the same telephone line and still be selectively called by configuring individual unit ID numbers 1-9.

SafeLine MX3 comes with five different solutions for configuration: On site with the built-in keyboard, Remote configuration with a mobile phone, Connected to a computer running SafeLine Pro software, Remote configuration with standard analogue telephone or Remote configuration with SafeLine ProLink connected to a computer running SafeLine Pro software.


Download MX3 Brochure