The most complete lift telecommunication system in the world

SafeLine SL6 – The complete emergency and fire communications system for next generation, in accordance with EN81-28, EN81-70 and EN81-72, approved by TÜV.

Through use of an internal bus system for communication between the main unit and voice stations, flexibility is maximized and cabling is kept to a minimum. Only 2 wires plus supply voltage is needed for each voice station. No additional interface board is required for c

onnecting up to 6 voice stations in car, on car roof, in car pit, machine room or on the floors. The voice units are available in 16 different models for easy adaptation to most situations and needs.

SafeLine SL6 makes it possible to make use of both PSTN and GSM interfaces at the same time and allow them to work together. The built-in fall back function enables an automatic switch to GSM in case of landline outage, or vice versa – all to ensure highest possible level of availability and dependability.

The system is NBN-safe which en

ables compatibility with VoIP equipment today and in the future. With built-in support for fireman’s intercom and the possibility to connect a unit with key switch, SL6 complies with the requirements in EN81-72.

The integrated battery backup system ensures continued operation despite a power outage. A condition test is performed on a regular basis and the unit will send an alarm if the battery needs to be replaced. SL6 can also be used for sending detailed information from the controller to SLCC and is using a patented communication solution, specially designed for sending data over the GSM speech band.

 Download SL6 Brochure